We provide a range of one-day and residential wellbeing retreats to offer self care experiences and training tailored to your professional group:

One-day Recharge & Nature Connection retreats

One-day recharge for healthcare and other high stakes professionals

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Step away and consider your individual needs: for you to feel calm in order to observe your story and visualise your life context and its place within nature – perhaps to see new ways of looking at the stressors in your life.

Residential Retreats for doctors

CPD approved residential 4 day (3 night stay) Retreats for Doctors.​

The invitation is for you to step away from the distractions of home and work and to refocus on your own needs and now to take care of yourself.

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Find other ways About Wellbeing can help you


Sometimes we know where we are going but cannot quite see the way.  Coaching provides a space to explore your own goals and decisions.


We offer or recommend a range of wellbeing workshops suitable for groups of various sizes and applicable to any professional group

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