What is coaching?

Coaching provides a space to explore your own goals and decisions.

The main purpose of coaching is to provide a safe space in which you can explore whatever it is that you bring to the space, so that you are able to find your own answers or work towards a chosen vision or goal without unsolicited external influence.

There are many different models and styles, but the overarching premise of coaching is that you are most likely to find the answers to your UNIQUE needs, values and desired outcomes.


Coaching with About Wellbeing

Different people will need or suit different coaches. Sometimes the only way to know is to try.

Coaching provides a neutral space so a coach’s professional background shouldn’t influence the techniques which might help you as the coachee.

However, if a coach has experiences or shares a career background which reflects your own this can improve empathy and reduce the coachees potential sense of feeling exposed or judged.

For this reason most of my coaching is done with Doctors – but anyone is welcome!

I have a diploma in Transformational Coaching, experience of running retreats and wellbeing workshops and over 20 years as a Paediatrician behind me.

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Book 1:1 coaching

Prices: £90 per hour long session

Course of 6 sessions £450

All attendees of a Woodlines retreat can access up to 3 sessions at £60/hour

Coaching service for doctors

About Wellbeing Ltd is able to provide a bespoke integrated referral and booking service with our group of Independent Certified Transformational Coaches, all of whom have a background as trained Doctors.

Our current clients include GP retainer schemes and Trusts who are unable to match the number of coaching requests with suitably experienced in-house coaches.

Basic Price: £130 per hour long session – includes client/coach matching service (we provide a list of potential coaches to choose from), introduction and booking.

To arrange a free discovery call with me to find out if we are a good fit and how we might work together, click on the button below.

Meet your coach

Dr Jo Hacking

Transformational Coach
Founder & Director of About Wellbeing Ltd

​Dr Jo Hacking is a certified Transformational Coach and runs her own coaching and wellbeing training business “About Wellbeing Ltd”. She also works as a Mental Health and Wellbeing advocate, retreat organiser, and an Education and Wellbeing Support worker for the WIltshire Wildlife Trust.

Jo has a medical background of over 25 years as a doctor, with 10 years as an NHS Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She experienced a burnout and mental illness journey some years ago and learnt the power of accepting help, honest self-awareness and compassionate self-care. Her lived experiences – with the benefits of going through psychotherapy (provided through Practitionner Health) and coaching – inform her current work, but it is the importance of Nature – and the human experience of being a part of nature – which provides the dominant theme underpinning Jo’s value set.

She is an advocate of creating cultural change and increasing opportunities to support the benefits of nature connection for wellbeing. This has now become a full time occupation, such that she finally stepped away from clinical medicine in 2023.

She lives in Wiltshire with her husband, three children and various other animals.

Dr Jo Hacking Founder of About Wellbeing Ltd
Dr Jo Hacking, Founder & Director, About Wellbeing

Find other ways About Wellbeing can help you


We provide a range of wellbeing retreats in the heart of nature offering self-care experiences and training tailored to your professional group


We offer or recommend a range of wellbeing workshops suitable for groups of various sizes and applicable to any professional group

Here’s what one of my clients has to say


“I always love speaking to Jo. She offers really insightful comments and facilitates the conversation in a way that makes me look at the situation from an different angle. As usual, this most recent session is no different. I particularly valued the exercise that she talked me through to do during the session, really powerful. Overall, I would definitely rate the session 5/5 and would not hesitate recommending Jo to anyone who is looking for a bit more guidance/clarity on life.”

Coaching client

“I feel like I’ve learnt/realised a lot about myself in the weeks we’ve been working together and I do feel a shift.
…. I’ve loved our sessions and the space time with you has offered. … It’s been really valuable to me.

Thank you”

Coaching client, Spring 2024

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